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   Pahalgam is one of the few tourist destinations which receives Major share of tourists flow in Kashmir region. According to EIA report Pahalgam receives more than 70% of the total tourist flow of the valley. During the year 2011 around 13.40 lac tourists visited Pahalgam which include 6.35 lacs yatries who also visited the area during pilgrimage season. The large influx of tourists during last decade led to large scale development of tourist infrastructure in Pahalgam the form of picnic spots, huts, parks developed by Government. Initially the Pahalgam project Organization ( PPO) was entrusted the responsibility of Development of Pahalgam which was established in 1979 and was renamed as Pahalgam development Authority in 2003.In addition to above, the Pahalgam Dev. Authority is striving for development of Pahalgam keeping in view fragile environment and has succeeded in keeping the environment particularly the Forests free of human intervention, River banks of both the nallahs have been developed and protected. All the parks within the jurisdiction of PDA have been developed and maintained. Almost all the villages surrounding Pahalgam has been developed by way of internal roads, lanes, drains , bridges, culverts etc.

Hon'ble Lt. Governor Jammu and Kashmir
Sh. Manoj Sinha
Hon'ble Lieutenant Governor
UT of Jammu and Kashmir
Ms. Yasha Mudgul, IAS
Tourism Department, J&K
Chairman, BOCA
Syeed Fakhrudin Hamid, IAS
Chairman BOCA and Deputy Commissioner
Anantnag, J&K
MR.Tariq Hussain
Chief Executive Officer
Pahalgam Development Authority